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do you ever think about how fucked you’d be in medieval times with your weak eyesight, asthma and homosexual tendencies

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I guess to some extent, you get used to being alone. You get used to not expecting phone calls & having nothing to do at night. You don’t expect to turn around to open arms any longer. The small sounds of him have been replaced by silence. Your thoughts echo through your head, with no one to share them with. All in all, being alone isn’t terrible, it just hurts like hell.Daily Tumblr Love Quotes (via thelovewhisperer)
It’s funny, when I think about this exact time last year. Things were so different. I never would have thought that things could change so much in only a year. I wonder what next October will be like.Daily Tumblr Love Quotes (via thelovewhisperer)

But you out of everyone I’ve ever loved were the only one who was deserving of it, yet you were the one too afraid to hold it between your hands and I want to tell you that I am both angry and sad that you didn’t think you loved me like I deserved because we both know, you loved me as best as you could and it was enough.

Wait, don’t say a word. Save it. I don’t want to hear it. Don’t apologize for not being better for me, don’t tell me that the timing was wrong, don’t tell me that if we were meant to be together we would be, because the truth is, you should’ve already learned that nothing worth having comes easy. You should’ve fought for love, like a burning house, like you knew the scars you’d end up with would be worth it.

You’re a coward, you deserved me. You took three steps forward and ten steps back and decided that I was too kind for you, too soft spoken, said my heart was in the right place, said yours never had been. I know you were scared, it shook you to think that you could love anything, shook you to think that I could be the one who wrecked you.

I’m ready to forgive you, but forgetting takes much longer time, that love was meant to stay.

Fuck you for being scared // thewordsyouneverunderstood (via thewordsyouneverunderstood)
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